ACM-8 Self-contained speed digital manometer-thermometer for fast processes


ACM-8 designed to record pressure and temperature by the hydrodynamic studies in the process of drilling and operation of oil and injection wells.

ACM-8 measures the pressure and temperature at set intervals of time and records the digital information in an electronic non-volatile memory. The pressure sensor is both a temperature sensor. It is possible to manufacture by request the tool with a separate fast-response temperature sensor.

A distinctive feature of the new modification of the tool is increased the memory to 128 MB (8 MB in ACM-6) and decrease current consumption in the measurement mode several times thanks to the use of the new architecture and circuitry.

The measurement time cycle set by the user from 0.025 of second to 125 seconds. Additionally there is a mode of rapidly changing processes measurement (perforation, etc.) with a time cycle of 50 µs.

Parameter Value
Канал давления
Measuring range, kgf/ 0-400, 0-600, 0-800, 0-1000, 0-1500
The number of ADC bits 19
Absolute error, kgf/ * +/-0.90
Pressure sensitivity, kgf/sq. cm (depends on mode) 0.002 - 0.023
* the absolute error is calculated as maximum for the range 0-600 kgf/sq cm  
** 1 kgf/sq cm = 0,098066 MPa  
Temperature channel (T)
Measuring range (depends on mode), °C 0...+100, 0...+120
The number of ADC bits 13
Absolute error, °C ±0.5 or ±1
Time constant (in liquid), min, not more than* 3
*for ACM-8DT time constant is 1 sec  
Tool memory
Amount of memory of the tool 128 MB (33 554 432  measuring points)
Filling time memory 233 hours (time cycle 0.025 sec), 388 days (time cycle 1 sec), 3880 days (time cycle 10 sec)
The time of storage of information 10 years
Number of write cycles in the internal memory 10 000
Time parameters
Cycle time (measurement period) 0.025– 125 sec
50, 100, 150 µs
The variance in time of the internal clock per day, sec, not more than ±5
Power supply
Power source Lithium battery 3.6 V
The minimum voltage, V 3
The current consumption in the storage mode, mkA 20
Current consumption in operational mode (depending on the time cycle), mA 0.020 (time cycle 125 sec)
0.08 (time cycle 1 sec)
2.0 (time cycle 0.025 sec)
The duration of the power source 0.025 sec – 21 days
1 sec – 388 days
125 sec – 2 000 days
(with power supply capacity 1 000 mAh)
turn off the record mode (with delay) of the tool via PC  
The read data from the tool to the PC in any interval of time worked  
View the real values of pressure, temperature and voltage of the power supply to test tool  
set record cycle from 0.025 to 125 sec
View data on the computer screen in numerical and graphical form  
Output the data obtained in the selected range to the printer in numerical and graphic form  
Save a received data in formats *.txt, *.las, *.xls (Excel)  
Communication with PC USB2.0
Read the entire memory (128 MB) min, not more than 30
Program switching tool in one of three modes: high-speed, economical and precision  
The reliability of the tool
The average restoration time, h, not more 4
Average lifetime, years 5
Length (may vary depending on the design), mm от 300
Diameter (may vary depending on the design), mm 20, 30, 38
Weight, kg, not more than 2
Model Diame­ter, mm Pres­sure, MPa Tempe­rature, °C Description
ACM-8-20 MPa/°С2040, 60, 80, 100100, 120Channels: Р, Тin. Memory 128 MB
ACM-8-30 MPa/°С3040, 60, 80, 100100, 120Channels: Р, Тin. Memory 128 Мб
ACM -8.1-20 MPa /°С2040, 60, 80, 100100, 120
ACM -8.2-20 MPa /°С2040, 60, 80, 100100, 120
ACM-8S-30 MPa/°С3040, 60, 80, 100100, 120Channels: Р, Тin. Memory 128 MB. High-speed (control perforation mode)
ACM-8Т-30 MPa/°С3040, 60, 80, 100100, 120Channels: Р, Tout, Тin. Memory 128 MB. With extra thermometer