GEO-MS (composition module)

GEO-MS (composition module)

GEO-MS (composition module)


GEO-MS Composition module (in the future, tool) is designed for contactless measurement of the following parameters: electrical conductivity of fluid in operating and injection wells, the water content in the borehole fluid and the temperature of the borehole fluid. The tool operates in self-contained mode.

The module includes a resistivity meter, water hold-up, thermometer and comes to expand the channels of the complex tool GEO-6, and can also be used separately.

Depending on the modifications of the tool temperature channel can be disabled.

After the measurement, the data is read into the computer for processing, analysis, display (printer) in graphic or digital form and transfer to other treatment programs.

The field of usage of the tool - geophysical study of existing wells for monitoring oil and gas fields, as well as studies of the overhaul of wells.

Working environment: oil, water.

Parameter Value
Limit hydrostatic pressure, kgf/sq. cm 600, 800
Operating temperature range, °С 0...+100, 0...+120
The amount of memory of the tool 4 MBytes or 1 081 344 measurement points
The polling cycle of the sensor, sec 1-99
The maximum operating time before filling the memory (depending on cycle) from 12.5 days (polling cycle 1 sec)
to 1239 days (polling cycle 99 sec)
The resistivitymeter channel (REZ)
The conductivity range, Sm/m from 1 to 50
Absolute error, Sm/m, not more than 1
Temperature care zero, Sm/m, not more than 0.1
Thermometer channel (TEMP)
The temperature measurement range, °С 0...+100, 0...+120
Absolute error, °С 0.5
The resolution of the ADC, bits 16
The time constant of channel temperature, sec, not more 1.5
Water hold-up channel (VL)
Measuring range, % \ units 0...60 \ 0...1
Absolute error, % \ units 10 \ 0.1
Power supply
Power source 2 CR123 batteries with a capacity of 1-1.5 Ah (up to 120 °C) accumulator 18650 2.2 Ah capacity (to 95 °C)
Current consumption (depending on cycle), mA, not more in operation mode: 0.1...4; in the storage mode (delay) – 0.1
The size and weight of the tool
Diameter, mm 30, 38, 42
Length, mm, not more 700
Weight, kg 3
Model Diame­ter, mm Pres­sure, MPa Tempe­rature, °C Description
GEO-MS-30 P/T3060, 8095Channels: CWH, RES. accumulator
GEO-MS-30 P/T3060, 80100, 120, 150Channels: CWH, RES
GEO-MS-38 P/T3860, 8095Channels: CWH, RES. accumulator
GEO-MS-38 P/T3860, 80100, 120, 150Channels: CWH, RES
GEO-MS-42 P/T4260, 8095Channels: CWH, RES. accumulator
GEO-MS-42 P/T4260, 80100, 120, 150Channels: CWH, RES