LCS(Loggin Control System/slickline)

LCS(Loggin Control System/slickline)

LCS(Loggin Control System/slickline)


Logging control system (LCS) is designed for operative control of movement of the downhole self-contained tools during logging using load slickline: measure the depth, speed, tension, register magnetic marks and output the results to the LCS panel and the computer.

The CCM consists of: the panel of an operator and the block of rollers, which has a measuring unit (MU), a tension gauge (TG) and the sensor of magnetic marks (SMM).

The measurement results are displayed on the LCS panel and stored in the electronic memory. The information read from the LCS panel to a personal computer (PC) is carried out using Windows based software. The software allows you to view and print the measurements in graphic form with reference to real time (year, month, date and time).

The LCS is used to bind the self-contained downhole tool with depth.

Logging control system (LCS) has the Certificate of conformity.

The LCS panel is in the operator's cabin and connected via cable with sensors. In the process of logging all data from sensors are transmitted to the LCS panel, which writes in its electronic memory next values: depth, the magnetic mark and the tension with reference to real time, and simultaneously displays the current values of indicators of depth, speed and tension.

Upon completion of logging operations the LCS panel is connected to the computer.

The software supplied with the LCS panel allows you to configure the LCS panel to read the information about the logging from its memory, creating a file in depth format, to view the charts and print them to a printer. It is also possible to union the depth data file obtained from the LCS panel with data from the self-contained downhole tools.

The main features of the LCS panel are: color touch screen, friendly user interface, voice alert when exceeding the set parameters, possibility of saving information about the logging on the USB-drive, significantly increased the memory of the panel, the ability to calibrate the tension sensor, the calculating of one step of the depth pulse, depth indication of the last magnetic mark and other features.

Unlike similar panels the LCS panel differs by the fact that it mounted touch-screen display maintains its efficiency even at low temperatures, down to -20°C.

The LCS panel is fully compatible with the other versions of LCS and can be installed in the systems already in use.

Parameter Value
Power supply voltage, V ~220 or =12/24
Power consumption (~220 V/=12 V), W 15/10
Communication with PC USB
Amount of Memory, Gb Up to 32
The time cycle of the sensors and the display, sec 0.25
Formats of stored information Gst, Txt, Excel, LAS
The range of measurement depth, m от -9999.9 до +9999.9
Step of indication depth, m 0,1
The number of pulses per revolution of the measuring wheel 100
The range of speed measurement, m/h from 0 to 30 000
The range of tension measurement (depending on the version of the TS), kg 400/600
The resolution of the sensor tension, kg 1
The absolute error of the sensor tension, kg ±10
Temperature drift of zero tension, kg, not more 15
Index of protection of the sensors from external influences IP 54
Plug-in depth sensors types (depth sensor) MU (manufacturer "Geotekh"), DP-10/50 (manufacturer "SAF"), LOT
Operating temperature range
- LCS panel, °С from 0 to +50
- Block of rollers, °С from -40 to +50
- LCS panel 225х170х45
- Block of rollers 625х180х210
Weight, kg, not more
- LCS panel 1.5
- Block of rollers 15
The load-wire diameter, mm 1.8-2.2
Touch screen yes
The ability to change the design of the screen yes
Voice messages yes
The measure step of the depth of 1 cm
Calculation of depth step yes
Calibration of the tension sensor yes
Indication of depth of the magnetic mark yes
The ability to connect a USB drive yes
Display the time yes
The possibility of remote firmware update yes
Receiving data from the panel via the Internet yes



Model Description
LCS-P-180Depth, speed, tension, magnetic marks, Measuring roller 180mm
LCS-P-180-MCDepth, speed, tension, magnetic marks, Measuring roller 180mm. Mechanical counter of depth
LCS-P-270Depth, speed, tension, magnetic marks, Measuring roller 270mm
LCS-P-270-MCDepth, speed, tension, magnetic marks, Measuring roller 270mm. Mechanical counter of depth