GEO-RD (Flow-meter)

GEO-RD (Flow-meter)

GEO-CBS (Continuous Bore Spinner for GEO tools)


Downhole flow-meter module GEO-CBS is combined with tool GEO-6 (also with GEO-4K, GEO-7) and designed to explore the oil-producing, and other types of wells and applied for:

- explore profile of liquid influx within the perforation intervals;

- evaluation of waterproofing properties the construction of wells

- research of downhole filters

- determine the flow rate of the fluid in the borehole

Flow-meter module GEO-CBS connectible to the well tools GEO-6 (GEO-4K, GEO-7), allows to evaluate the flow of fluid in wellbore.

Module connects with GEO tools using the special single-contact connector, which ensures their mechanical and electrical connection. Work without main module (GEO) is not possible.

Parameter Value
Flow-meter channel (CBS)
The sensitivity of the flow meter m3/h 2
The range of work in the column 5’, m3/h 3-200
Relative error, ±% 5
Reversible (on request) no
The value in the codes at a speed of rotation of the impeller 1 revolution per second 128
Limit operational parameters
Pressure range kgf/cm2* 600, 800
Temperature range, °C* 0-120, 0-150
* depends on version, indicated in the passport  
Diameter, mm 30, 38, 42
Length, mm 417
Weight, kg 1
Power supply
Current, mA, not more than 2
The voltage, V 5
The average service life of the tool 5 years
Model Diame­ter, mm Pres­sure, MPa Tempe­rature, °C Description
GEO-CBS-30 MPa/°С3060, 80120, 150Channels: flow-meter
GEO-CBS-38 MPa/°С3860, 80120, 150Channels: flow-meter
GEO-CBS-42 MPa/°С4260, 80120, 150Channels: flow-meter
GEO-CBSR-38 MPa/°С3860, 80120, 150Channels: flow-meter, with reverse
GEO-CBSR-42 MPa/°С4260, 80120, 150Channels: flow-meter, with reverse