ACM-6WPL (Wellhead Pressure Logger)


Wellhead self-contained digital manometer-thermometer with indicator and radio channel ACM-6WPL designed to record pressure and temperature at the wellhead with hydrodynamic and geophysical studies, drilling, production and injection wells. Also ACM-6WPL tool can be using for different types of monitoring: wellhead monitoring, pipeline monitoring, injection pressure monitoring,

General information

The tool measures of pressure and temperature at a specified equal time intervals. At the same time on the display of the tool and the computer screen the operator can observe the current values of pressure and temperature. The recording of information is performed in digital form in the internal non-volatile memory of the tool. As memory chips flash-memory is used, which allows you to save information when the power source turns off. After operation, the measurement data is read into the computer for processing and analysis. Data can be displayed on the computer screen in digital and graphical form, printed out or sent to other programs. Settings and calibration coefficients are stored in the memory of the tool. Via low current consumption, the tool can be operable (without replacement of power sources) for a long time.

For the modification of ACM-6WPL the tool is additionally equipped with an external thermometer.

Tools ACM-6WPL transmit data by radio channel to a USB-antenna that connected to the PC. The tools can be grouped to observe the data on the computer simultaneously with multiple tools (up to 10).

The software allows you to work in the operating system Windows.

Parameter Value
Pressure channel (P)
Measuring range, kgf/ 0-250, 0-400, 0-600, 0-800, 0-1000
The number of ADC bits 19
The relative error, % ±0.15
Absolute error,* kgf/ 0.6
Pressure resolution,* kgf/ 0.001
* for range 0-400 kgf/
Temperature channel (T)
Measuring range, °C from -40 to +70
The number of ADC bits (internal thermometer) 13
The number of ADC bits (external thermometer) 16
Absolute error, °C 1
Temperature sensitivity, °C 0,003
Time constant, sec 1,5
Tool memory
Amount of memory of the tool 4 325 376 bytes or 1 081 344 measuring points
Filling time memory from 12 to 1 239 days
The time of storage of information 10 years
Number of write cycles in the internal memory 100 000
Time parameters
Cycle time (measurement period), sec 1 - 99
Radio data transfer cycle 1 sec - 30 min
The variance in time of the internal clock per day, sec, not more than ±5
Power supply
Power source battery 3.6V, 5Ah capacity
The minimum supply voltage, which preserves the metrological characteristics of the tool, V 3,1
The current consumption in the storage mode, µA, not more than 80
The duration of operation of the tool depends on the type of battery, the cycle time, inclusion of the display and the cycle of radio transfer. i.e. Time of operation with LCD ON, the measurement cycle and radio transfer is 1 sec (peak load) – not less than 42 days.
The tool allows you to monitor the status of the battery  
Turn off the record mode of the tool via PC  
View the real values of pressure, temperature, voltage of power source simultaneously from multiple tools (up to 10) with the ability to record data on a computer (application ACM-Monitor)  
To set the measuring cycle and the radio transfer cycle, to set the operation mode of the tool  
Display information with measurement data from the tool to the computer in any interval of time worked  
To view the data on the computer screen and print out in numerical and graphic form  
Communication with PC USB2.0
Radio channel
Communication with PC USB-antenna
The communication range, m Up to 100
The possibility of simultaneous transmission in one USB antenna Up to 10 tools
Overall dimensions, mm, not more 210х125х112
Weight, kg, not more than 1,5
Model Pres­sure, MPa Tempe­rature, °C Description
ACM-6WPL MPa/°С25, 40, 60, 80, 10050, 70Channels: Р, Т. With indication. Communicating via radio channel
ACM-6WPL-Tout MPa/°С25, 40, 60, 80, 10050, 70Channels: Р, Тin, Тout. With indication. With external thermometer. Communicating via radio channel